Shamanic Energy Session 

This session is about you getting back to you. Wherever you feel imbalanced, stuck, or weighed down we will start the session off by discussing and exploring your individual needs; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. From there I will work with the field of energy that surrounds the physical body to uplift and shift whatever needs to move using shamanic tools, sound, vibration, sacred healing stones, intuitive guidance, and other ancient wisdom techniques.

Sessions may include; resetting fight-or-flight response, chakra illumination, energetic cord cutting, extractions, soul retrieval, and destiny retrieval; as well as acupressure, breath work, sound therapy and tuning forks.  Please email me if you would like more details about any of these energetic interventions. 

Available in person or online via video chat. Sessions typically last about an hour.

$100 per session.

I offer a sliding scale on the honor system for all my services, please email me if this applies to you.

Energy Medicine Health Coaching 

We change our lives by changing our habits. We change our habits by changing our behaviors. We change our behaviors by changing our thought patterns. We change our thought patterns by changing our energy. We change our energy by getting crystal clear on our intentions and the feelings we desire to create.

This session is all about breaking down what your soul desires and creating a new map for your daily lifestyle in order to set you on the path of fulfillment. How we think and how we feel create our state of being . By getting curious in a nonjudgmental space I show you how to identify the energy leaks in your life that have knocked you off your innate rhythm and are inhibiting you from achieving what you want. I will teach you simple, practical, and powerful techniques to shift this energy toward manifesting your goals and increase vitality.

Food is information. Thoughts are information. Feelings are information. Learn how to use this information to heal the body and harness the power of your life force energy. Everyone has a unique energy signature and every body needs different nourishment to thrive. We will discuss an individualized plan for boosting your brain power and upgrading your body at the cellular level using nutrition, superpower supplements, different detoxing methods,  as well as tips and tricks to a life with optimal energy.  We will work with breaking thought patterns that create unwanted habitual behaviors, create healthy daily routines that work for you, and explore different breath work modalities. 

Sessions are available in person, online via video chat, or over the phone. 

$100 per session

I offer a sliding scale on the honor system for all my services, please email me if this applies to you.

10 Day Detox Program 

Toxins are everywhere. I don't say this to scare you, I say this to get real. From household products, food, and skin care to the quality of air we breathe, these chemicals stick inside our cells and affect the way we think, act, and feel. Ditch the toxic load that holds you back and hit the cellular reset button in just 10 days.

By eating real food and taking  supplements to upgrade the brain and body, this program will have you seeing through an entirely new lens on the world.  I  support you along the journey with daily guidance of what to expect as your body sheds the layers of its toxic buildup. I provide simple guidelines and tips for letting go of the toxic thoughts and emotions that will be releasing through this powerful process. 

The program includes; pre, and post consultation, two 30 min phone calls (one on day 2 and the other mid detox), daily check in emails,  a roadmap for what foods to eat, timing of when to eat, what foods to avoid,  a list of supplements that turn on the detox pathways and upgrade brain function, body care tips and detox bath recipes, as well as a guide to detoxing your kitchen, household, and beauty products. 

Pre and post consultation available in person or online. 

Please inquire for pricing and details

This program does not include the cost of food or supplements. Consult your physician before starting a detox program.