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Kristen Murphy is a Shamanic Energy Healer and Holistic Health Coach.

Kristen has a degree in Psychology from Chapman University, is a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and Health Coach from The Four Winds Society and is a certified RYT 200 yoga teacher. She has spent years investigating the mind, body, soul connection through personal trials, initiations, research and travel around the world.

Shamanic energy healing is based on the foundation that we all have an energy field that surrounds the physical body. It is an invisible matrix of information that plays an integral role in the way we communicate with everything in our internal and external environment. This energetic blueprint informs the stories we tell ourselves, our mental/emotional states, our behavioral patterns, and our manifestations in the material realm. The template we carry in our energy field is a code for how we live, how we age, how we heal, and how we might die. 

As a Shamanic Energy Practitioner, I upgrade the quality of your luminous energy field so that you can embark on your epic soul journey without all the heavy, excess baggage from the past that is weighing you down and keep you from living your life's purpose. Basically, I help you get rid of the mental debris, harmful patterns, blockages, stagnant energy, and emotional traumas  that you unconsciously carry around with you. 

When you upgrade your energy, you upgrade your life. It's really that simple.