Energy Medicine Part 3: Pain is a Messenger

How we think and how we feel creates our state of being. Thoughts and feelings are a form of energy that lives within an electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body. As we move through our lives, tough times are bound to occur. When they do, it can often be difficult to process the emotions that accompany them. In turn, this unresolved emotional energy gets stuck in the field and creates blockages in our natural energy flow. Overtime these blockages begin to create energetic patterns in the nervous system that manifest as symptoms such as anxiety, depression, addiction, brain fog, mood swings or unhealthy habits.

Any type of pain (both physical and emotional) is a messenger from the body saying something is wrong here, something is out of alignment, out of balance and needs your attention.

Our mind, body, and spirit are all so connected yet we tend to treat them as completely detached from one another. Instead of looking inward and listening to the signals our bodies are desperately trying to communicate to us, we typically have been conditioned to quiet them down or numb them out through pharmaceutical drugs, drinking, social media, or other means of distraction.

I know I did that for years of my life.

If I had an uncomfortable thought or feeling (in my case depression and major anxiety) I would take a pill or have a glass of wine to quiet those thoughts down instead of sitting down and asking myself why they were arising in the first place. In the end, quieting my pain didn’t make it go away, it just swept it under the rug for the moment. It was manifesting in my physical body in my neck, shoulders, and hips as well as manifesting very unhealthy behaviors in my life.  

This cycle has completely taken the power out of the hands of the individual and put it in something outside of ourselves like taking a pharmaceutical drug (that typically comes with a laundry list of awful side effects). Western medicine is not the enemy but with the integration of a holistic approach to connect with our innate powers of healing from within, monumental shifts can happen.

If we change our energy and show up in our day with the elevated emotion we desire, then our exterior lives will shift accordingly.  We currently have a completely backward approach to this in our society with a focus on the external drives to bring internal change, which has created the most stressed out, overweight, and sick humans in history. Our body was never designed to be in a perpetual state of stress, yet most people live stuck inside this hamster wheel trying to achieve something in order to feel a certain way, only to find themselves going around and around again. That “good enough” feeling can only come from inside us. It can only come from changing our energy and relationship to our inner world.

When I finally decided to listen to the messengers of my mind and body and get curious about what they were trying to tell me, I began to get to the root of what I was really afraid of.

I uncovered deep emotions that were hidden behind the pain that I hadn’t dealt with. The pain was simply a messenger showing me the way. I was able to heal and release these wounds rather than putting bandaid after bandaid over it.

We must have the courage to get past all the programming and past all the wonkiness in our field.

One of the issues is that our attention span has diminished as we have been bombarded with more and more distraction - this ad, that social media, that app, this product. Our attention is pulled in a million different directions and is being scattered and dispersed in chaotic ways. Where we place our attention is where we place our energy. As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, where our attention goes, energy flows.

For centuries, ancient wisdom keepers and healers have had an understanding of the energetic body. The healing traditions from China, India, Japan, Tibet, South America all spoke of energy channels, nadis, and meridians along which vital energy flowed. Life existed because of the vital life force energy running through the human system. Health revolved around balancing the energy through various modalities such as breath, movement, and meditation - all centered around stillness of the mind.

We have pathways mapped in our body, known as meridians that transport vital energy like a superhighway system throughout the body into our organs and tissues. Energy wants to move. If one of these energy highways is blocked or obstructed and is not allowed to flow through the body it can cause a major traffic jam (disharmony or dis-ease).

In an ideal state of being, energy is supposed to flow through our channels and through the chakras consistently. Since emotions are simply a certain frequency of energy in motion, disharmony happens when we don’t process our emotions and we hold them in or stuff them down. Our vital life force energy can’t flow in its brilliant, natural state and this old stuck emotional energy is being recycled through the system and projected outward in chaotic, incoherent and unhealthy ways. Essentially creating the patterns in our lives. If our energy is incoherent, we are incoherent. It affects the way we think, act, and feel.  

It is not necessarily the events that happen in our lives but it is how we react to the events and how we continue to carry that story within us.

Each chakra holds a frequency that represents certain emotional aspects of our lives. Depending on which center this energy gets trapped will manifest as issues such as anxiety, depression, lack, victimization, sexual issues, guilt, shame, pain, unworthiness, control, impatience, ect.

Unconscious emotions in our shadow side (the side of ourselves that is hard for us to see) cause us to be drawn toward things that aren’t in our best interest - that same guy with a different face you keep dating, or overeating when you know you’re full or eating too much sugar even though we know it will make you sick. There is an emotional component behind our behaviors that keep us trapped in the same loop cycle of repeating patterns that don’t serve us. These can be difficult to detect because it feels so familiar to be in a state of shame, guilt, or not good enough.  

If we don’t free ourselves from past emotional trauma, we lug it around with us everywhere, like heavy energetic baggage that not only weighs us down, it can literally make us sick. Shamanic energy medicine works within the energetic structure and nervous system to liberate the blockages in your natural energy flow.

Awareness is everything. The first step is becoming aware of the thoughts that are going through your head - notice the things you are saying to yourself on a daily basis. Write them down. When we write them down and physically get them out of our head these thoughts lose their power over us. The next step is to get compassionately curious. Where are these thoughts coming from? Why am I saying that to myself? See what undesired patterns these thoughts might be creating in your life. Next see if you can identify the emotion that is behind the particular thought pattern and sit with it, feel it, breathe deeply into it and let it go.