What Is Energy Medicine Part 2: Your Personal Force Field

“If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”  - Nikola Tesla

So what does that have to do with you? Everything. It is including you and your physical body. No matter how small we may feel sometimes, we are a fundamental part of the very fabric of this universe. If we take a look at the breakdown of quantum physics we find that everything is made up of energy and it’s vibrating at a certain frequency. To understand our human anatomy and the environment around us, we must also think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.  

What does this mean?

Take a look at your hand. It appears to be pretty solid. But if you were to zoom in and magnify your hand a million times, you would come face to face with a couple of atoms vibrating closely together giving the illusion of your hand being solid matter. Now, if you magnify even more and look inside one of those atoms that make up your hand, you would find empty space. A lot of empty space - 99.9999999% empty space.

Inside of that we have tiny subatomic particles in a dynamic dance with one another. Basically, they are vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and zipping around. That is what we are made of, we are beings of pure energy. We are vibrating at a certain rate, or frequency and it is giving us the experience we are having in our bodies and in the world.  

Einstein talked about how the field is the sole governing agency of the particle. If we are made of a bunch of particles of energy, then their fields combined make one giant field of energy. This field of energy is full of information that acts as a vital infrastructure that organizes our physical bodies and how we engage with our lives. The totality of every cell of our being communicating and supplying to a vital field of energy that carries a specific message. This unique energy signature of you is what animates the physical form you carry around. It is constantly communicating information with other energy in the world around us.

Basically, we are surrounded by our own personal force field.


In other words, the human body is a liquid crystalline matrix where energy and information is instantly traveling everywhere. We are in a constant energy exchange, exporting energy out into the environment and bringing energy back in. How effectively we do that regulates the quality of our lives and how we impact the world.

The energy that flows in and around the body not only allows us to eat, sleep, think, create, move, breathe, and digest food, it affects our overall health, wellbeing and vitality. This electromagnetic field has been known by yogis and mystics for centuries and is finally catching up with modern science.  

The body is simply the densest part of the whole field of energy. When this force field gets damaged, weakened, or blocked we start to experience problems in our health and wellbeing. If we really break it down, the physical things become less important than the energy or information that is carried in them. The energies around us both seen and unseen are merely differing degrees of vibration, or frequency. You, me, and the tree outside are all vibrating at a pretty low frequency and appearing as very dense matter. When energy is vibrating at a faster rate, it is more difficult to detect with our five senses because it is subtle. We may hear it in sound, we it feel in emotion, we see in sunlight, we use it to turn on our electricity, and to communicate wirelessly around the world. Whether we see it or not, everything is connected by a field of energy and information.

What is the field?

If you look around your space right now, you might not see anything other than what appears to be matter, but there is actually a sea of frequencies all around you carrying encoded information that are invisible to the eye. There are energies we can pick up with our senses and one’s we can’t detect with our known senses. There is sound, which is subtle vibration in the atmosphere. Sight, which is change in photon energy in the air space between us. Smell, the change in chemical composition in the space around us. Our senses are constantly perceiving our environment and how we to adapt and respond to an environment that is rapidly changing determines the experience we are having.

As a conscious being with a body, you are made up of gravitationally organized energy that is carrying varying frequencies that pull in and send out different signals to the environment around you, just like a cell phone or radio. All frequencies carry different information depending on which ones have been downloaded in your system (this is usually our childhood conditioning or programming) or which one you choose tune into - think of it like changing the station on a radio (the signal is there even if we can’t see it) or flipping between television shows - completely different messages are carried on Keep Up With The Kardashians than on The Discovery Channel. Different wavelengths carry different codes of information. Our thoughts are information, our beliefs are information, and our emotions are information.

Most of us are stuck on channels (our lives) we don’t want to be watching without realizing our power to change. There is so much potential available to us that is unseen.

When we have trapped emotional baggage from the past our system is stuck playing that old energy and we keep recreating the same unhealthy patterns in our lives.


Emotion is simply energy-in-motion and each emotion emits a different frequency. The higher emotions such as love and gratitude vibrate at a higher more coherent frequency and the lower emotions such as fear, guilt, and anger vibrate at a lower more incoherent frequency.  And since all frequency carries information, when we change the frequency, we change our energy. When we don’t process our negative emotion we literally hold it inside of our vibratory field and our cells will begin to hear that frequency and vibrate in that manner. They get stuck inside the tissues.

A great example is the amount of stress most of us hold in our shoulders and neck. - we aren’t allowing it to move through and instead we literally carry it around with us like a giant emotional backpack tensing, tightening, and resisting. After a while these become structural patterns in the body and we are manifesting our emotional pain, anger, and grief as physical symptoms. The disconnection from our inner world (thoughts, feelings, and emotions) can literally make us sick.

Energy medicine looks at how we can unify the bodies energy field to be more coherent as a whole and shift any distortions or blockages in that flow by working with the field surrounding the physical body and with the nervous system. It is moving this old stagnant energy out and bringing new vital energy in. It is assisting you in dumping all of that old emotional baggage from the past that has been weighing you down. Think of it like spring cleaning.

IMG_2890 (1).jpg

Shamans, yogis, and many other ancient cultures have long known that when the emotional body is sick, the physical body cannot get well. When we can find and heal these deeper wounds and release stuck emotional blockages we begin to unlock the energetic restrains that have been confining us and causing all sorts of issues. When our emotional health returns to balance, along with it comes our innate ability to heal mind and body.

In my next post I will go into how to identify the energies that are holding you back and how to begin to shift them and your reality.

- Kristen Murphy