What Is Energy Medicine Part 1: Change Is An Inside Job

In today's modern world when someone starts talking about chakras or our inner energy it is common for a majority of people to instantly throw up their guard and place this in the weird little corner our western culture has deemed “woowoo”. Most people haven’t stopped to ask themselves what all this energy talk is actually about and inquire any further; unknowingly brushing off one of the most innate and powerful ways of healing ourselves completely naturally.

Over the past several centuries our society has changed at a rapid pace with a hyper focus on the agricultural and technological advancements - a transformational shift (especially in the last 30 years) that many of us have experienced first hand. Growth is an incredible thing and a beautiful part of our human evolution as a species, however, through this stretch of accelerated development it is as though our society at large has had horse blinders on in a narrow tunnel vision barreling forward without taking a moment to stop and see if we still have everything we need on board. You know, those little things like optimal health, wellbeing and vitality.

The changes in our society have been accompanied by a lot of external factors our bodies are not accustomed to: A massive dump of toxins and chemicals in everyday our products, in our food, and in the air quality; the amount of time we spend in front of electronically powered screens; consumerism and the absurd bombardment of advertisements trying to convince you are not enough; and our sense of validation through “likes” on social media. Our exterior lives have shifted massively but the way we operate internally as humans hasn’t changed very much. Our stress still secretes the same hormones as our ancestors and adrenaline still courses through our veins when we’re scared just like it did when we had to run from actual tigers (even when the fear now mostly lives in our minds).

The exterior landscape may have shifted how we spend our time and energy but we are still human, carrying around a very primitive human operating system.

The accelerated change in our outer world without the calibration to our inner world is like a frog in boiling water - it is difficult to notice the temperature rise until it’s too late.

The operating system of human beings on the animalistic level is fundamentally structured extremely similar to one another. We come with a built-in autonomic nervous system and limbic system that are responsible for our safety and survival here on this planet. One huge advantage of this is that we don’t have to remind our hearts to beat or our lungs to breath in air, it does it automatically. Other parts of this built-in operating system such as the fight or flight response, have been extremely resourceful at helping us survive in the wild but are also responsible for pulling the internal false fire alarm multiple times a day in our modern society. If we don’t catch it in the act, these false alarms slide right under our conscious awareness generating a huge amount of unnecessary anxiety and stress.

Stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century. - World Health Organization

We as humans are made of these complex layers. We have the prewired physical human suit each of us have carried around since birth made of all the flesh, bones, muscles, juicy and squishy stuff. Then we throw in genetic differences passed on by lineages that differentiates certain physical attributes and possible DNA expressions. Then there is another layer in mix of this complex system that a lot of people don’t even realize is a fundamental key to your being and is governing your reality. This is an invisible layer that is telling the human jumpsuit each of us embody what to do and how to act in the world on a daily basis. This layer is made of our belief structures; our mental wiring.  

Each individual has been conditioned with all kinds of beliefs about the world from the time you were in your mother's womb. As children, from the age 0 - 7 our brains are literally like a sponge absorbing the environment around us and programming the mind for how to function as a human. We are all conditioned in different ways depending on our environment, parents, siblings, teachers, emotional experiences, media, friends, ect. We are also conditioned in similar ways depending on our specific societal norms.  

What is a belief? It is an invisible yet powerful energy that resides deep within the core of every being. If we break it down structurally it is made of thoughts (an electric energy) that form a pattern in the neural networks of the brain. Beliefs are a habitual way of thinking that basically run our programming. These thought forms are what create our individual realities. The good news is that these neural networks can change in an infinite amount of ways, we just have to take our energy down another path. It is like driving to work in the exact same way every morning for years and then deciding to take an alternate route (or change your destination all together). There are plenty of options.

We’re all constantly programmed into self-limiting beliefs and believing that we need something outside of us to change how we feel inside of us, which is essentially what the game of advertising is all about. Guilt and shame are a chronic condition of being human and most systems in our society play on this and reinforce our unworthiness. There is nothing wrong with you, we have been programmed to feel unworthy.

We have been taught consumerism, which tries to convince you that attaining objects, money, wealth, or status is what brings happiness and provides a fulfilled life. There is an underlying fear based message projected outward through all outlets that you aren’t enough unless you have XYZ. It is outward focused on the notion when I get that promotion (fill in the underline with anything external) then I’ll be successful (fill in the underline with the desired emotion). Unknowingly chasing an empty dream because wherever you arrive in the exterior, you bring your same inner world with you. As Jon Kabat-Zinn so famously wrote “wherever you go, there you are.” It is an illusion that things from the outside create happiness (or whatever emotional state you desire). Changing our emotional state is changing our energy in the here and now then bringing that energy with us to create our future.

It is an inside job.

So, my exploration is diving into some critical pieces we may have forgot or left behind.  There are ancient cultures and wisdom keepers who came before us that mastered the understanding of how this human operating system works and how to manage the energy that’s powering it. It comes in understanding the connection between our inner world and outer world, and how to use these secrets to tap into our innate energy flow in this modern age, where we need it more than ever.

What does energy have to do with you? Everything.

My next post I will dive into what energy medicine is and how it can change your life.

- Kristen Murphy