Energy Holiday Survival Guide

Simple shifts in energy can transform your life. These are few energetic tips to get you through the holidays.



Everybody has their own particular vices and most of those vices suddenly appear to be everywhere during the holiday session.

Every choice you make has a frequency to it, which can either be of high vibration (higher emotions such as love and joy) or low vibration (lower emotions such as guilt and shame) all of it is really just energy.

We all know that it is better for our health to eat plant-based, organic, whole foods than it is to eat sugar loaded, chemical laced processed foods. But our life is all about choices. If you choose to eat that frosted snowflake cookie (even though you know it is probably not the best option for you) then you also have a choice which energy you are going to bring along with it. So you eat the cookie and either feel guilty or you eat it and make a choice to love it and feel total joy in it. These are two completely different experiences all by a shift in energy.

When you embrace a higher energy with your choices and feel good in the decision you have made you are less likely to crave more than you are when in a lower frequency. So eating one in total satisfaction rather than making the choice to eat the cookie and then feeling bad about it which typically has the side effect of then eating 2, 3, or 5 more swimming through the emotions of guilt and shame.

Make a choice that feels right for you, be in love with it, and enjoy every bit of it.



The energy of anxiety seems to latch on more than usual during the holidays for most people. There is an antidote to anxiety and the good news is that you carry it with you everywhere and it is completely free. It is in the air you breathe. But the secret comes in the way you inhale and exhale. The active manipulation of the breath is where the magic is. We can literally unroot, move and get rid of unwanted energy in our system through the intention of breath.

There are many different techniques out there but these are a few of my favorite that will transform not only anxiety but overall energy levels in no time.

Andrew Weil, M.D. explaining the power of breathwork:

Andrew Weil, M.D. breathwork techniques



A lot of wide-ranging emotions come up around the holidays - some of them expected and others come out of left field. Whatever the emotion is, embrace it like your best friend. Awareness is going to be your key.

E-motion means Energy-in-motion. It is meant to move. At one point or another in our life we did not feel safe to express the energy that was naturally coming through and so we learned to hide it. This forms a habit that has been an epidemic in our society of stuffing down and repressing our emotions. The problem with this is that the energy (that is supposed to be in motion) does not simply go away, it gets trapped inside the body and creates loads of problems later on.

When you feel an emotion rise in your system first take a moment to be aware and acknowledge that there is energy that wants to move through you. Then take the safe space to let that energy move.

If it is sadness, let the tears roll. If it is disappointment, go kick some rocks around. If it is anger or frustration you want to make sure the energy is able to move in a healthy way and it is not directed at someone else. Take a moment to go downstairs and scream into a pillow or go outside and throw snowballs against the ground until you feel the energy has left your system. Then you will be able to engage in an authentic response from your being rather than have that emotion be a trigger that pulls an unwanted emotional reaction toward someone else.

Feelings are an incredible part of being alive. If we acknowledge what is happening in our bodies and feel it without judgment or attachment, then the energy can move through naturally and won’t get stuck inside of us.



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- Kristen Murphy