A Change In Perception

What are we doing here? What does it really mean to be a human being on this planet? These questions don’t typically pop into our mind first thing when our alarm clock sounds on Monday morning. And then the next morning, and the one after that. Before we know it, we’ve forgotten to ask these foundational questions all together. I know I did, I forgot. I never completely lost these bigger ideas but I forgot to remember to check in with the fundamental principles of life on daily basis. What am I doing here? Opening these eyes, in this bed, on this day. What is my purpose? After several mornings (maybe years) of asking these questions, I have finally come to realize that it’s not about what I’m going to do for work today or what I’m going to do with my time. It’s the way I’m going to do the things I do. How I’m going to show up for each and everything I do, on this day.

It’s how I show up for the mundane task of brushing my teeth. I forgot to marvel at the fact that someone invented toothpaste. Someone found this type mint growing out of the Earth and thought of the brilliant idea to clean our mouths with it. Then they dedicated massive amounts of time to get the perfect concoction, and put it in this peculiar squeezable tube that now sits on my bathroom counter. Not to mention, my toothbrush is electrically vibrating my entire mouth. Absolutely amazing. And incredibly convenient for me and for all those who are going to encounter my breath today.

There is a magic that gets lost when we stop inquiring. Forgetting to marvel at the little things in life causes a disconnection with not only the wonder and beauty of this planet but with the relationship to ourselves. It changes how we show up in every moment of our lives. We come into moments as if we are repeating them, the same mundane task on the same typical morning. Except its not. It’s not the same. We begin to shift our reality when we discover that every single moment is wildly different. And deciphering how we are going to show up for that unique experience is living a life on purpose.  A slight change in perception can change, everything.

A child sees it, experiences all these ‘little’ things in awe, curiosity, amazement and wonder. What if we remember to do that? What if we show up with childlike wonder as if it were the first time we were experiencing anything. Because when you really think about it, it is the first time you are experiencing that thing, in that exact moment, on that exact day, in that exact version of you. It is never the same. But we have forgotten to leave our old selves out of it. We drag the way it made us feel in the past into the now, recreating old energy and the familiarity of ‘me’ and ‘my life’. It creates the illusion of repetition, which creates the illusion of mundane reality, ‘same ol thang again’. We wear these emotions of yesterday like invisible layers of clothing. Yesterday’s dirty laundry (and the day before that). Allowing all of these muddied layers to filter how we perceive a brand new moment. After awhile these filters become an automated set of reactions and we are no longer having an authentic response between who we are in the moment and the environment in the here and now. We are living through the lens of the past.

We have the power to change that. We have the power to shed those layers of outdated energy and lingering old emotions and come into a new relationship with how we show up right now. Because our lives are made up of nothing more than a series of moments stringed together. If we change how we show up in this moment, we change how we show up in the bigger picture of our lives in a more purposeful way.  It can be as simple as one deep cleansing inhale and exhale, anchoring to the moment you stand in, and opening your eyes to a fresh lens on the world, one of awe, wonder, curiosity and amazement.

Because why not? You’re here in this moment already, might as well show up for the brand new experience.

- Kristen Murphy