My Journey

I am passionate about the mystery of the self and who we are as individuals. I believe that we are all here on this planet to express unique gifts into this life and that we are all our own heroes. This path was not the one that I would have ever imagined for myself but my journey took a few unexpected twists and turns that lead me to flip my entire view of the world upside down.

The truth of my story is, I needed to lose myself in order to find myself again, in a much bigger way.

I grew up as a farm girl in Bend Oregon - at age nine I was officiating llama wedding ceremonies in the backyard, by age twelve I was driving tractors and changing hand-line irrigation pipe, and by age 18 I had convinced my parents to get every fun loving farm creature under the sun. My summers were spent running around the farm barefoot with my brother and sister, carrying baby bunnies in my overalls, and immersing myself in nature in anyway possible. I was a typical teenager playing sports, caring way too much about what I looked like, and trying to navigate the transition from home life to college life.

At age 20 my world fell apart.

My little sister died in a car accident when she was driving back to her first semester at college after Thanksgiving break. Everything I knew to be true about the world was ripped away in the matter of a few seconds. I was left devastated, lost, and completely heartbroken.

I was too scared to face the reality of her death for years following the accident so I did the only thing I knew how to do in a world that left me feeling so alone - I pushed it away and ran from the pain. This led me down a destructive path of running from myself and losing touch with my core compass inside.  After years of using every distraction I could (jobs, relationships, food, partying, sleep, travel, etc.) I found myself in a deep depression. I had become a prisoner to my own mind, and I was sitting in the passenger's seat of my life. I was prescribed five different medications at once from a psychiatrist; one for depression, one for anxiety, one for sleep, one to keep me alert during the day, and one for the side effects. Writing that on this page makes me cringe. I had hit my rock bottom.

A wake up call was delivered to me in the form of a dream about my sister. That morning a single thought pierced through the core of me, I can’t continue to live my life like this.

And my journey back to myself and back to health began.  

I ditched all the medications and cut out the toxic chemicals from my diet. I dove head first into exploring alternative ways to heal the mind and body. My awareness began expanding to a larger scope of what was going on with me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I sat with the pendulum of raw emotions rather than numbing them out or avoiding them. I started to feel the true weight of the sadness and then embrace the joy on the other end. My authenticity started shining through again.

I explored herbal remedies and found natural supplements that turned my brain on and had me thinking with an entirely new level of clarity. I became obsessed to say the least with learning how our human bodies operate. The more I looked into it the more I realized that we were never given a manual on how to operate the complex human system we are in. We were taught what to think and not how to think. We were told what we should do and never taught to question why we do things we do. I became fascinated and enamored with the notion that we are so much more than we think we are. I decided to launch my own personal investigation into the meaning of life and death.

My journey of these larger questions took me on travels around the world: to the jungles of Peru sitting in various ceremonies with plant medicines and Shamans; exploring sacred sights of Peru, Bolivia, Europe and Myanmar; gaining knowledge of varying modalities of yoga, meditation, breathwork and mindset; learning 5,000 year old Chinese energy techniques, and studying with Alberto Villoldo at the Four Winds Society learning the art of Shamanic Energy Medicine combined with cutting edge neuroscience to upgrade brain performance and the proper nutrition to grow a new body. I’m on the lifelong journey of learning and growing to bring ancient wisdom to modern society so we can express our highest and most authentic selves while we are alive on this planet.

We are all on our own Hero’s Journey and we each individually hold more power inside of us than we could possibly comprehend. My passion is getting back in tune with that innate power (our birthright of being here) and transforming our unique energetic system from the inside out.